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Are you looking for fast loans? Below we explain how to get a loan online and without having problems.

prestiti veloci

How can we get very quick financing in a short time?

Do you want to realize your desires, do you need a small or a big loan? Whatever you need, you can contact us who will get you the cash you need in no time.

Fast loans

The fast loans are aimed at people who find themselves with the sudden need to obtain immediate liquidity.
Among them, it is not difficult to find employees without paychecks, without documentable income, employees in financial difficulties, or who have lost their jobs.
It is always important to understand if you have the minimum features required by banks and financial institutions to obtain a loan, then beyond the estimates made on the network, it is essential to make a request by filling out the form to be contacted by an expert consultant who verifies the feasibility and tell you which is the right way to go.

How to apply for a loan with fast loans

Requesting and receiving a loan in a short time online is not always easy, many banks and all financial agencies advertise fast loans but often problems occur to obtain them.
Currently, getting fast loans with security, adequacy and feasibility has become increasingly complicated.
Know that through Internet while being able to compare the prices of various banks or financial, many times you get results that are not entirely real and obtainable. All the simulated calculations you get online, are flat rates, because to have a realistic economic prospect of the liquidity that can be supplied it is always necessary to evaluate the documentation and the client’s needs, please contact us, do not be fooled by flat and non-feasible proposals. Always consult an expert who will guide you and help you achieve what you actually need, offering you a precise calculation and getting you cash quickly. .

How can you get loans quickly?

Making a request for a fast loan online is very simple:
click on the quote at the top right, fill out all the required fields with the data and send us authorization to contact you.
done this in a short time you will receive the call of one of our operators with whom you will find the solution that best suits your needs, you will be asked to send some documents.
Immediately after the analysis and the drafting of your personalized estimate, we will contact you to arrange an appointment in one of the 600 branches of Credem Banca present throughout Italy to sign your request for funding.
In a short time you will have the requested sum and you can satisfy your wishes.
It is important that you know what documentation you will be required for the quick loan.
Required documents:

  • a front and back copy of your valid identity card and a copy of the tax code
  • a copy of the last paycheck and the Cud model in all its pages

For fast loans to pensioners are enough only the identity card and health card, all the documentation to get a correct quote, we can get it directly from the welfare institution under convention so no more queues at the counters!

After performing this simple procedure, you will get an answer to your request whether it will be possible to provide the loan, or if it will not be feasible, in a short time.

Types of fast loans

People who have been protested or are bad payers can also take advantage of fast personal loans.
The assignment of the fifth is granted to bad payers because the banks normally use the contractor’s income (salary or pension) as protection and guarantee.
We are able to provide loans in a short time to people without a credit history.
Of course, for those who already have a positive financial history and no reports in the database, obtaining the different types of loan will be even easier and faster.

Fast loans to reliable subjects

  1. To obtain liquidity in a very short time with a personal loan, you must meet the following requirements:
    Being an Autonomous worker: in this case it is essential to have annual profits appropriate to the estimate you are requesting, to be in possession of 2 declarations of income on the assets and regularly presented (they are not worth the scales), provide the last F24 of taxes paid , do not be reported among the bad payers, do not be too busy with mortgage loans or leases. Once the research on the credit position and the reliability of the income has been carried out, the requested loan will be given little time
  2. An employee: in this case it is sufficient to have a fixed and continuous income, not to be reported in the database and not to be too busy.
  3. A pensioner: even in this case, as for the other categories, you must be in possession of an adequate income for the liquidity request that you want to have and be a solvent subject. For retired subjects, the loans can be disbursed up to high ages (75 years, 80 years, 85 years, there are no limits, but funding must always end by the age of 89) for ages over 65 years evaluates the assignment of the fifth of the pension in agreement.

Fast loans to people without wages and paychecks

It is true that nobody gives us anything, obviously financial institutions, they make use of guarantees to provide liquidity so this type of fast loan, often sponsored online, is aimed at a person in the family, a relative who has an income and not who is at that moment without a salary. It is necessary to be always careful that those who sponsor loans without a paycheck often do not provide the correct information. The cases in which it is possible to provide a fast loan in the absence of “paycheck” are actually only three, but the sponsorship of fast loans without paychecks is often misleading and not very precise. Below we list the three cases in which, although they do not have a paycheck, they have an income:

  • pensioners who do not have a paycheck receive their pension
  • self-employed workers because they do not have a paycheck and get some profits from their self-employment
  • loans with third-party guarantees even those who do not own an income may have money if a family member guarantees for them

Guarantees for the feasibility of fast loans

Financial institutions to avoid major losses are safeguarded by verifying the feasibility of a loan and assessing the guarantees provided by the applicant. However, there are forms of loan that do not require many things to be fulfilled by the client, such as the assignment of the fifth of the salary and the assignments of the fifth of the pension. Employees of both the public and private sectors are required to receive a credential salary certificate or another type of document attesting employment and employment data with the employer (service certificate) which must be issued by the staff office.