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Professor at Auburn University dave ketchen was ranked number 23 nationally and number 40 globally in from inaugural list of top business teachers.

“Auburn provides the tools to succeed,” said Ketchen, professor of management and Harbert Eminent Scholar at the Herbert College of Commerce. “Since I joined Auburn in 2006, we’ve had three very supportive deans: Paul Bobrowski, Bill Hardgrave and Annette Ranft. The research culture has become stellar., which has ranked science teachers since 2014, took into account the number of publications by professors, the number of citations by other researchers and the H-index, a measure based on the analysis of productivity and of the impact of a particular scientist. Rankings are among tens of thousands of business professors.

Ketchen has published 163 articles and his work has been cited more than 41,000 times since 2014, according to Additionally, according to Google Scholar, Ketchen has over 49,000 lifetime citations. His H-index is 80 on

A recent example from Ketchen’s research focuses on drug company recalls of unsafe products and why companies issue recalls faster or slower.

“We have found that companies with more women on the board issue reminders much faster. Women are changing the board dynamics to bring more empathy to those decisions, and the result is reduced harm to consumers,” Ketchen said of the studywho won blanket in The Wall Street Journal.

Ketchen co-authored the study with Professors Kaitlin Wowak, University of Notre Dame, George Ball, Indiana University, and Corinne Post, Villanova University.

Ketchen’s broad research interests include entrepreneurship and franchising, strategic supply chain management, and the determinants of superior organizational performance. His textbook, “Mastering Strategic Management,” is used at dozens of universities and colleges, and his four graphic novel textbooks have been covered in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Ketchen is now collaborating with businessman and motivational author Larry Thornton to convert Thornton’s book”Why not win?in an illustrated version intended for middle and high school students. Thornton, among the first African American students to enter Montgomery city schools in the late 1960s, earned his bachelor’s degree from Alabama State University and later became the first African American to own a McDonald’s franchise. in Birmingham. He now owns seven McDonald’s and sits on the board of Coca-Cola United.

“The book covers many vital life lessons that young people need to understand,” said Ketchen, a member of the Why Not Win Institute Board of Directors. “I think homeroom teachers should do more than teach classes and write peer-reviewed journals. We need to find a passionate project where we can use our expertise and experience for the benefit of society.

Ketchen’s awards include the 2018 Southeastern Conference Faculty Achievement Award for Auburn and, in 2012, the Smeal Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business, his alma mater.

Several other Auburn professors have also made’s list of top business professors, including current professors OC Ferrell and Glenn Richey and professors emeritus Achilles Armenakis and Terry Bird in the business and management category, as well as Jim Barth in the economics and finance category. .

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