B/R’s 2022 MLB Skill Rankings: Corbin Burnes and Baseball’s 25 Best Fastballs | Launderer’s report

Robbie RayCole Burston/Getty Images

20. RHP Max Scherzer, New York Mets (100.9 points)

Ground: Four-seam fastball

Metric: 46.7% usage, 94.3 mph, 0.167 ISO, 0.193 BAA, 93K

Scherzer’s lively mid-’90s fastball is made even better with a terrific slider/change pairing that keeps opponents on edge. Never afraid to challenge a hitter, he allowed 11 home runs on four-seam fastballs, which contributed to a higher ISO than most.

19. RHP Brad Boxberger, free agent (101.2 points)

Ground: Four-seam fastball

Metric: 55.9% usage, 93.5 mph, 0.152 ISO, 0.181 BAA, 62K

Boxberger worked his way to the Milwaukee Brewers roster on a minor league contract last spring, and he went on to post a 3.34 ERA and 11.6 K/9s with 23 strikes in 71 appearances. The 33-year-old mixes pitches better than most relievers, throwing his slider and changing each more than 20% of the time.

18. RHP Lance Lynn, Chicago White Sox (106.0 points)

Ground: Four-seam fastball

Metric: 40.3% usage, 94.0 mph, 0.110 ISO, 0.187 BAA, 85K

Every offer is tough from Lynn, who works primarily on a four-seam fastball (94.0 mph, 40.3 Use), cutter (88.7 mph, 31.0%) and sinker (92.4 mph , 19.4%). His cutter ranked No. 67 in this ranking, but it’s his four seams that are the bread and butter of his power approach.

17. LHP Robbie Ray, Seattle Mariners (114.0 points)

Ground: Four-seam fastball

Metric: 59.4% usage, 94.8 mph, 0.208 ISO, 0.222 BAA, 116K

No one has thrown more four-seam fastballs than the 1,866 Ray has delivered in 2021. AL winner Cy Young has leaned more heavily on the field than most starters, which inevitably has resulted in more damage for a full season. Its ISO .208 was the highest among the top 25, but the overall stat package was elite.

16. Paul Sewald, Seattle Mariners (115.4 points)

Ground: Four-seam fastball

Metric: 58.3% usage, 92.3 mph, 0.140 ISO, 0.180 BAA, 64K

Sewald had a 5.50 ERA in 125 career appearances in 2021. The 31-year-old went 10-3 with 11 saves and 16 catches while posting a 3.06 ERA and 14.5 K/9 in 62 appearances after signing a minor league contract with Seattle. A more efficient slider helped him unleash the full potential of his fastball.

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