Buckeye Career Center BPA students participate in regional competitions

Members of the accounting team qualified for the state competition at the PBA regionals.
Members of the East Holmes trade team qualified for the state at the PBA Regionals.

Members of the Buckeye Career Center’s Business Professionals of America chapter recently entered the regional competition, and many qualified for the BPA conference.

The region’s eighth regional competition was held at Kent State Tuscarawas on January 12. Many of these students have qualified in more than one category, but BPA rules allow them to compete in only one category at the state level. The state competition will be held on March 10, 2022 in Columbus.

Students are trained by Bill Alexander (computer technology/network systems), Heather Iwrin (business and marketing), Nancy Alam (accounting Garaway) and Amy Stauffer-McNutt (Buckeye Business Academy at East Holmes).

BCC Main Campus Computer Technology/Network Systems

• Computer network technology: 1st place, Julio Sica-Perez* (TCC); 2nd place, Xavier Pittman* (Claymont)

• IT security: 1st place, Josh Fernandez* (Strasbourg); 2nd place, Josh Owens* (Tusky Valley)

​​​​​​​• Device configuration and troubleshooting: 1st place, Liam Grasselli* (Dover); 2nd place, Stephen Ross* (New Phila)

​​​​​​​• Linux: 1st place, Christopher Ferguson* (Conotton Valley); 2nd place, Michael Aruajo* (New Phila)

​​​​​​​• Network administration with Cisco: 1st place, Lexi Dyrlund* (Tusky Valley); 2nd place, Stanley Rotoski* (Conotton Valley)

Server administration with Microsoft: 1st place, Benjamin Stoffer* (Dover); 2nd place, Austin Leatherman* (Strasbourg)

BCC Main Campus Business & Marketing

​​​​​​​• Improvised speech: 2nd place, Eric Short (Strasbourg)

​​​​​​​• Personal finance management: 5th place, Eric Short (Strasbourg)

​​​​​​​• Prepared speech: 2nd place, Katie Schaar (Conotton Valley)

​​​​​​​• Graphic Design Promotion: 3rd place, Mya Hanks (Claymont)

​​​​​​​• Podcast Production Team: 4th place, Cooper Amelung (Tusky Valley), Triska Leslie (New Phila) and Zoey Rennicker (Strasburg)

​​​​​​​• Business law and ethics: 5th place, Ty Cook (New Phila)

Buckeye Business Academy on the East Holmes campus

​​​​​​​• Fundamental Accounting: 1st place, Mari Beth Yoder; 2nd place, Heidi Troyer*; 3rd place, Ada Barkman; 4th place, Rosetta Erb*; 5th place, Ava Yoder.

​​​​​​​• Advanced Accounting: 1st place, Alayna Yoder

​​​​​​​• Fundamental Word Processing: 3rd place, Eva Yoder

Advanced Word Processing: 1st Place, Alayna Yoder

Integrated office applications: 1st place, Jolene Yoder

Basic Office Systems and Procedures: 1st place, Ada Barkman; 2nd place, Mari Beth Yoder; 3rd place, Ava Yoder*; 4th place, Rosette Erb.

​​​​​​​• Basic Spreadsheet Applications: 2nd place, Heidi Troyer

​​​​​​​• Advanced Spreadsheet Applications: 1st place, Alayna Yoder*

​​​​​​​• Database Applications: 1st place, Alayna Yoder; 2nd place, Jolene Yoder*

​​​​​​​• Administrative support concepts: 1st place, Eva Yoder; 2nd place, Ava Yoder

​​​​​​​• Foundational Desktop Publishing: 3rd Place, Jolene Yoder

​​​​​​​• Entrepreneurship: 1st place, Rosetta Erb

Small Business Management Team: 1st Place, Ada Barkman*, Eva Yoder* and Mari Beth Yoder*

​​​​​​​• Interview techniques: 1st place, Heidi Troyer

Garaway Accounting Course

​​​​​​​• Payroll accounting: 1st place, Heinrich Asbury*; 2nd place, Bobby Palmer*; 3rd place, Winston Lahm.

​​​​​​​• Banking & Finance: 1st place, Bobby Palmer; 2nd place, Heinrich Asbury; 3rd place, Arin Frey; 4th place, Dylan Gribble; 5th place, Kaylie Raber; 6th place, Ava Miller*.

Personal Financial Management: 1st place, Bobby Palmer; 2nd place, Heinrich Asbury; 3rd place, Winston Lahm*; 4th place, Arin Frey; 5th place, Dylan Gribble; 7th place, Kaylie Raber*.

Financial Mathematics and Analysis: 1st place, Bobby Palmer; 2nd place, Heinrich Asbury; 5th place, Dylan Gribble.

* denotes a status qualifier

— Submitted by Buckeye Career Center

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