Delhi government launches entrepreneurship course in schools, student does 50 lakh business from 50,000


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New Delhi: A student at a Delhi public school started her own business with a turnover of over Rs 50 lakh, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said.

“Public school student Kajal took accounting classes after school, worked for a few months and then started working by starting his own business. There are 20 employees per year, 300 companies across the country take their services.

The entrepreneurship curriculum will become the backbone of the country’s economy, ”he said in a Facebook post.

Kajal graduated from the government’s upper secondary school for girls in the enclave of Vasundhara. After passing class 12 in 2017 of commerce, she started her own business after graduating. Before starting the business, she also gained some experience of a job in another location for a few days.

Made a business of Rs 50 lakh from Rs 50,000

Kajal invested Rs 50,000 for the opening of the business, which now has an annual turnover of almost Rs 50 lakh. The company provides services to 300 companies across the country. His startup’s job is to provide accounting-related services to other companies.

Kejriwal government launched entrepreneurship course

Sisodia said the Kejriwal government launched the entrepreneurship course in Delhi. “With this, the government’s goal is that instead of turning students into job seekers, they become job providers. Students can start their own business after completing their studies. This will increase employment opportunities in the country. The Kejriwal government believes that the Entrepreneurship Course (EMC) will be the foundation of the country’s economy. “

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