Financial foundations: a virtual toolkit for online entrepreneurs


With Shannon Weinstein CPA, clients grow their business with confidence.

July 23, 2021 – Running a business can be overwhelming, especially when money is in the way. Most often, freelancers and online entrepreneurs have little or no knowledge of accounting, which prevents them from starting or growing their business or business.

Ironically but not surprisingly, entrepreneurs tend to lose money in the scaling process; most business owners go into sales without a tax saving strategy. This leads to mismanagement of money, possibly neglected tax deductions, and other financial mistakes that prevent businesses from growing or taking full advantage of their potential.

“Growth and scale isn’t just about income. It’s about creating consistent, repeatable processes that work and help you deliver quality service while driving profits, ”says Shannon Weinstein CPA, Founder of Fitnancial Solutions.

Weinstein is disrupting the accounting profession, helping business owners take control and manage their money in a way that empowers them. A fun and upbeat financial partner, the Active Go-Goer has maintained a solid track record since 2009, helping businesses maximize their tax savings and control their numbers to grow with confidence.

In addition to financial services, Weinstein realized another passion: teaching. Now the entrepreneur combines the two in Fitnancial Foundations, an online accounting course for start-up entrepreneurs.

Fitnancial Foundations is for business owners with little time or experience in the art of accounting. With clear advice on managing money, Fitnancial Foundations provides a roadmap for new business owners to follow so they don’t have to worry about the unknowns of taxes and financial management.

There are five keys to unlocking profitability and growing a business: an optimal type of entity, a pricing strategy, good accounting, tax planning, and investing in the right team to help you. Fitnancial Foundations is here to help you with all of the above.

“I want to pay your fair share of taxes, but don’t tip the IRS,” laughs Shannon Weinstein CPA. The truth is, if businesses ignore taxes and finances, they can’t move on. “Ignoring your business financials is like ignoring your food tracking in a weight loss plan. You won’t know what to adjust for better and faster results.

Fitnancial Solutions helps businesses define and achieve their key financial goals, relieving stress for entrepreneurs. With the launch of Weinstein’s online course, Fitnancial Foundations, money is no longer a barrier to doing business.

About Fitnancial Solutions

Launched by Shannon Weinstein in 2019, Fitnancial Solutions is a fully virtual tax practice for online entrepreneurs. The accountant’s virtual course, Fitnancial Foundations, is available now to help businesses obtain tax deductions, learn accounting necessities, and develop an internal accounting strategy. Weinstein is featured on Yahoo! News and Finance among the “10 best accountants and accountants to watch” in 2021.

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