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FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) – In Maryland, Frederick County public schools work hard to ensure their students grow into successful adults, and a big part of that journey is understanding financial literacy.

Frederick County Public Schools have implemented a financial literacy course that will benefit students as they enter various stages of their lives.

This finance and accounting course offered by the FCPS Career and Technology Education program is designed to help students have real-life experiences with money, while instructors grade students on demonstrating important topics such as paying for invoices on time, planning for unexpected financial events. and saving for retirement.

Students also learn stocks, different types of investments, and how to budget. Staff say it’s very important for students to know that it’s never too early to prepare financially for the future.

“The evidence that students need better financial literacy training is in the news every week,” said CTE coordinator Norm McGaughey. “Young adults struggle with the same issues on a chronic basis, and those issues aren’t necessarily knowledge issues, but ability issues. “

According to Business Insider, the average US debt is $ 52,940. · This includes mortgages, home equity, auto, student and personal loans, and credit card debt.

To help limit high debt, students learn about interest rates, expense tracking, and more.

FCPS plans to create many more opportunities that will help students build a bright future.


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