Heartwarming Atmosphere Makes the Thompson Library a Campus Treasure


The Thompson Library provides a place of convenience for Ohio State students, home to 1.2 million books, 11 floors, glass stairs, private study rooms, art installations, and Berry Cafe. Credit: Chloe McGowan | Ass. Arts & Life Editor

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Thompson Library provides a place of comfort for Ohio State students.

Home to 1.25 million volumes, according to the library’s circulation desk, as well as 11 floors, glass staircases, private study rooms, art installations and Berry Cafe, it’s no wonder that many students frequent Thompson, voted best library by readers of The Lantern, each day. However, the overall welcoming and calming atmosphere of the library is what continues to draw students in, making it their desired study space, said Kylie Smith, a third year in marketing.

“I think Thompson is kind of the heart of the campus, the top of the oval,” Smith said. “I think there is a lot of inbound and outbound traffic. There are still tours, and all the art and exhibits are making a comeback, so there are a lot of little educational things all around the library, which is, I think, an interesting part for us as a students to see and be surrounded in this atmosphere.

Smith, who works at the loan office in Thompson, said she’s been there for just over a year, following in the footsteps of her parents who also worked at the library when they attended Ohio State. .

“I fell in love with this building and I was like, ‘I have to go here, I can see myself sitting here,’” Smith said. “I just grew up loving it, then I got a job here because of it.”

Smith said she started working at the library during the height of the pandemic, when there weren’t many students on campus or studying at the library. She said the atmosphere in the library, now that the campus has reopened, is completely different.

“This year I feel like I’m falling back in love with just being in the hustle and bustle,” Smith said. ” There’s always something going on. “

Adriana Rodriguez, a fourth year in accounting, said she visits Thompson three to four times a week because she and her friends like to study on the second or third floor and the library is conveniently located between her classes.

“I’ve never really been in such a large library, and I think the number of areas to study with the size of the OSU is, I mean, you are still able to find a table, even when it is is the busiest. ” Rodriguez said.

Thompson has plenty of options for students to study, whether at the table, in one of the reading rooms, or in private and group study rooms, which Rodriguez says gives students even more freedom. access to study or work on a group project without having to meet off campus. or in a dormitory.

Rob Menon, a fourth year in psychology, also works at Thompson and said the relaxing environment was one of the reasons he chose to work there over the other libraries on campus.

Menon, who works at the reference office, said he was usually busy helping other students with printers, finding a specific book or article, or answering questions. However, when he has free time to read or study, he says the large reading room is his perfect place.

“It’s just a big building,” Menon said. “It’s just nice, cozy, lots of beautiful lights and all that, so it’s a great vibe here.”

One of the things that makes Thompson special, besides all the unique features and art installations, is the kindness and willingness to help students, Smith said.

“There are always students out there who you know have trouble printing or don’t have their BuckIDs so people help each other out,” Smith said. “Also with like, if they need the same book, they tag the team and find out, which is cool. It’s just a nice, productive environment to be in.

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