INDIGENOUS ROOTS CORP. : Changes made to the holder’s certifying accountant, financial statements and supporting documents (form 8-K)



Article 4.01. Changes in the holder’s certifying accountant.

(a) Termination of a registered independent accounting firm

At October 15, 2021, Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP (“DMCL”) has indicated that he is resigning from his position as independent auditor of the Company. DMCL’s Audit Report on the Company’s Financial Statements for the Year Ended August 31, 2020, did not contain an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion, nor was it qualified as to the uncertainty, scope of the audit or accounting principles, except that it provided a modified opinion so that the real doubt persists.

There were no disagreements during the closed fiscal year August 31, 2020
and the subsequent interim period up to and including the date of termination of DMCL between the Company and DMCL on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or audit scope or procedure, which, if it is not resolved to DMCL’s satisfaction, would have caused them to refer to the subject matter of the disagreement as part of their report on the Company’s financial statements for that period. During the Company’s fiscal year ended August 31, 2020, the Company revealed that its internal controls over financial reporting were not effective. The weaknesses in the company’s internal control have been discussed by its board of directors with DMCL, and DMCL has been authorized to fully respond to inquiries from the company’s successor accountants regarding these weaknesses.

The Company has provided DMCL with a copy of this report and has requested in writing that DMCL provide a letter addressed to Security and Trade Commission indicating whether or not they agree with the above statements. the Company has received the requested letter from DMCL and has attached this letter as an attachment to this report.

(b) Appointment of a registered independent accounting firm

At October 15, 2021, the Company has appointed Fruci & Associates II, SARL (“Fruci”) as a new independent auditor. The Board of Directors unanimously approved Fruci’s commitment.

The Company did not consult Fruci during the financial year ended. August 31, 2020 and any subsequent interim period before their assignment regarding: (i) the application of accounting principles to a specific transaction carried out or proposed or the type of audit opinion that could be issued on the financial statements of the Company, and no report writing was not provided to the Company nor was any verbal advice given that the newly appointed auditor concluded that this was an important factor in making a decision regarding the accounting matter, audit or financial reporting; or (ii) any matter which has been the subject of a disagreement or reportable event as defined and described in paragraphs (a) (1) (iv) and (a) (1) (v) of Section 304 of Regulation SK, enacted under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

Article 9.01. Financial statements and supporting documents.

(d) Exhibitions

Exhibit                                  Description
  16.1       Letter to Securities and Exchange Commission dated October 18, 2021
           from Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton Labonte LLP regarding change in
           independent registered public accounting firm.

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