Is the Tesla Gigafactory coming to Russia? Elon Musk reveals real plans for his next location



In recent months, fans have wondered where Elon Musk will build his next Tesla Gigafactory. The curiosity of fans was rekindled when a rumor claimed that “official Russian reports” revealed that a Tesla factory in the town of Korolev was underway. Musk commented on the news directly.

Tesla’s popularity continues to skyrocket in recent months. Earlier this year, Tesla’s second-quarter earnings reached generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) net income of $ 1.1 billion and delivered 201,304 cars in the process. With its huge success, fans and investors alike are keeping a close watch on its ongoing developments.

To date, Tesla currently has three Gigafactories. Electrek listed them as:

  • Gigafactory 1 – Giga Nevada
  • Gigafactory 2 – Giga New York
  • Gigafactory 3 – Giga Shanghai

Tesla has announced upcoming factories in Berlin and Texas. Both sites innovated and started construction. Unfortunately, no official opening date has been announced.

Gigafactory Tesla in Russia? Response to Elon Musk’s tweets

The first post on Giga Russia came from user @factorymode. The user said: “Russian authorities report that @elonmusk has decided to build the Tesla factory in Russia, in the town of Korolev.” The source article linked to the post redirects users to a Russian site. The user then warned readers that the message had no reliable source.

The idea of ​​the Russian Tesla Gigafactory has won over many people on the Internet. Fans opened up discussions and theories:

Twitter user @ ray4tesla retweeted the post, asking if “Giga Russia (is) coming?” Surprisingly, Elon Musk himself replied that “Tesla has yet to decide on a fourth Gigafactory location.”

The response confused many fans as it undermined Tesla’s proposed plans for the ongoing Gigafactories. Sadly, Musk never clarified his answer and left it up to the fans to interpret.

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Updates and developments of the Tesla Gigafactory

It should be noted that Tesla is an American electric vehicle maker and clean energy company. Their services include autonomous products such as electric cars, solar panels and solar tiles. The company is also developing its own battery energy storage for all of the commodities listed above.

Tesla Gigafactories are the leading manufacturers of these lithium-ion batteries, making thousands and millions in a single day with combined outputs.

YouTuber Vision has highlighted some cool features for Tesla’s Gigafactories:

  • Gigafactory operates 24/7, with over 7,000 employees
  • A factory creates about two battery packs per minute, up to 5,000 per week.
  • Gigafactory has some of the best and most advanced technologies
  • Gigafactory is designed to become fully self-sufficient with electricity through solar panels and wind turbines

With its successful business expansion through Tesla vehicles, Tesla Gigafactories is expected to continue to grow.

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