Laava Smart Fingerprints enters the New Zealand market



Laava Smart Fingerprints® is now present on a wide range of products around the world. The company has just expanded into New Zealand. The first customer is the fresh produce supplier J3 Freshstore and Pole to Pole.

In collaboration with its partners FreshSupplyCo and Gravitas Media, Laava has enabled an innovative and connected experience of packaging traceability and customer engagement for sustainably grown avocados from J3 Freshstore.

“Each box of J3 Freshstore avocados now features a unique Laava Smart Fingerprint® on the label, creating a secure gateway to a digitally connected packaging solution. Laava Smart Fingerprints® is a QR code upgrade. Developed in collaboration with Australian CSIRO and AustCyber, the Laava Smart Fingerprint® uses patented next-generation optical fingerprint technology. Secure by design, the Laava Smart Fingerprint® provides the authenticator ‘on the package’ for unique customer experiences accessing blockchain, traceability data, digital stories and proprietary content, ”says Gavin Ger, co- CEO and Commercial Director of Laava.

By simply scanning the fingerprint with their smartphone, clients can authenticate their J3 lawyers as “genuine”. Customers can also follow this box of avocados’ journey from orchard to bowl, with transparency of key data points highlighted throughout the supply chain. These data points include the locations and dates the fruit was picked and packaged, as well as lot, producer, and food safety identification numbers. They can share exclusive content, stories and discounts and reorder more avocados, thanks to J3 Freshstore’s e-commerce integration. There is even an exclusive contest to win a year of lawyers.

But the biggest draw for consumers is the competition – a chance to win a year of avocados! This represents almost 70% of the digitization activity.

“For J3 Freshstore, telling their story of traceability, proving provenance and demonstrating supply chain transparency is only half the equation. As masters of brand engagement, they understand that in order to truly connect with their customers, the call to action has to be compelling. This invitation to scan the Laava Smart Fingerprint® should be simple but strong.

“Laava is incredibly excited to work with J3 Freshstore – a customer who embraces innovation and is passionate about safety, transparency, traceability and food safety assurance in their supply chain. Together, we are protecting both their network of local Bay of Plenty growers and their customers in New Zealand and beyond, ”said Gavin.

Anti-counterfeiting and authentication
“Many of our more recent projects have focused on importing into China and / or Asian markets with both an anti-counterfeiting and authentication focus as well as consumer engagement. We also work with national (and New Zealand) producers. There are discussions in markets like Japan, ”says Craig Wright, director of business strategy for the company.

“Apart from fresh produce, we are working on projects across the EU (France, Switzerland and UK), USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Israel. We also continue to work with food producers (meat, seafood, etc.) exporting to China, Taiwan and, as mentioned, Japan. Our ambition is to be the global trusted brand and can be easily deployed on labels and packaging globally.

Australian customers and brands
In addition to working with J3 Freshstore, Laava also works with well-known Australian producers and brands.

Mildura Fruit Company – in 2020 Laava protected the exports of citrus fruits from Victoria to China and in 2021 we are now on bags of oranges exported to Vietnam. Vietnam Laava Smart Fingerprints focuses on strong consumer engagement (competition) – while in China it was heavily oriented towards authentication and traceability. here is first promotional item from LinkedIn that we only published last week

Reid Fruits – in 2020 and 2021, Laava Smart Fingerprints protected its premium cherries exported from Tasmania to China. Strong focus on anti-counterfeiting and authentication – supported by sampling / forensic testing by Source Certain International, supply chain monitoring by Escavox and a very strong social media strategy in China developed by Roolife Group

Pink Lady apples – This project was only uploaded recently and was announcement on LinkedIn – this is a collaboration between James Tyler and APAL to import Pink Lady apples from New Zealand and Chile to China, protected by Laava Smart Fingerprints. They are sold through Hema.


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