New course to fill ‘major knowledge gap’ for Australian accountants


CPA Australia has launched an ESG training micro-certificate, “Creating Value Through Sustainability”.

The course, which lasts over 20 hours, is designed specifically for accountants in response to growing demand from the profession to measure, disclose and deliver climate-related metrics.

“There is a strong appetite for ESG knowledge and practical skills within the accounting profession. CPA Australia Managing Director, External Affairs Dr Jane Rennie said.

“Our members see ESG as important for their role as financial and business advisers. “

Dr Rennie said the launch of the new course comes at an important time for the accounting profession.

“Our research shows that a majority of SMEs see ESG factors as important to their business and over 20% want their accountant to help with ESG,” she said.

“ESG knowledge is still very tightly held in Australia and the demand for certified ESG professionals exceeds the supply here. Abroad, and in particular in Europe, ESG talent is much more numerous, reflecting the greater maturity of ESG awareness and responsiveness there.

“The demand for ESG certified professionals exceeds supply in Australia. So far, there haven’t been many formal avenues for developing ESG knowledge and skills.

Going forward, Dr Rennie encouraged practitioners to use the course, reiterating the added value it will bring both now and in the future.

“Knowing how to create value through sustainability is an essential 21st century skill for accounting professionals,” she said.

“Our ESG micro-accreditation was designed as a stand-alone course that can be studied flexibly online, allowing us to offer it at low cost. The content is geared towards creating out-of-the-box skills that accounting professionals can apply for the benefit of their employers or business clients.

New course to fill ‘major knowledge gap’ for Australian accountants

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Last updated: October 29, 2021

Posted: 28 October 2021

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