Poole College of Management Welcomes Class of 2021-22



After more than a year away from Nelson Hall, Poole College of Management looks forward to seeing the incoming class of 2021-2022 as well as returning students on August 16.

“I am very happy to see our returning students and welcome our new students to Poole College over the next few weeks,” said Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Dean Frank Buckless. “The energy of a new academic year is always invigorating for our faculty and staff. My hope is that each of our students takes advantage of every opportunity in and outside the classroom experience while they are here. We have some of the brightest students on this campus and I can’t wait to see how much they bring to our college community.

In numbers

1,100+ new students

Undergraduate, first year students: 468
Undergraduate, external transfer: 243
Jenkins MBA: 173
MAC Jenkins: 174
Master of Management, Marketing Analytics: 20
Masters in Economics: 16
doctorate in economics: 16

First year class:
49% are women,
51% – Male

For the first time in the history of undergraduate programs, we have almost equal gender representation in our freshman class.

Over 150 students enrolled in online graduate programs

Jenkins MBA, online: 92
Jenkins MAC, online: 40
Master of Management, Marketing Analytics, online: 20

7.5 years average professional experience among MBA students

Among students enrolled in full-time, part-time and online programs.

49% of MAC students come from other universities

Almost half of Jenkins’ Masters of Accounting students come from institutions other than the state of North Carolina.

20 students in Master of Management, Marketing Analytics

We welcome 20 students who have joined our brand new online Master of Management program, Marketing Analytics.

  • Incoming freshmen come from 21 states; external transfer students – from 15 states.
  • 51% of transfer students are from community colleges in North Carolina.
  • Countries include India, Switzerland, Peru, China, India, Kuwait, South Korea, Nepal.
  • Average SBP: 1,288.
  • Average ACT: 29.
  • Weighted average GPA: 4.3.
  • 53% of students enrolled in the MBA online, 27% – in the full-time MBA and 20% – in the part-time MBA.
  • The full-time MBA class is 42% female and 35% of part-time students are under-represented minorities.
  • Full-time students have an average of 5 years of work experience, part-time students – 9.1 years of work experience, and online students – 8.3 years of work experience.
  • 77% of MAC students enrolled in a program on campus, 23% – in the online program.
  • 15% of students identify as African-American.
  • Students come from 68 different undergraduate institutions.
  • 48% of the students were undergraduates from the state of North Carolina.
  • Average 7 years of work experience.
  • 3 students hold a master’s degree.
  • 40% have training outside of business and marketing.
  • 45% are women, 55% are men.

Meet our students

Brian Bullock, Jenkins MBA student

Brian Bullock, Jenkins MBA Program

Brian Bullock joins the Jenkins MBA program at Poole College of Management with a concentration in financial management and a graduate assistant position with MBA admissions providing research assistance for recruitment.

“I had the privilege of being on campus because of a brother who graduated in 2019 and fell in love with the culture of the state of North Carolina,” Bullock said. “I also liked the school’s pride in MBA students getting jobs and not just degrees. I felt the staff really cared about their students.

Bullock comes to North Carolina State from the Central University of North Carolina, where he was Chancellor and Professor of the 2021 class who received the university’s honorary award for maintaining a GPA of 4.0.

“I look forward to the data analysis classes this semester,” Bullock said. “I like to make strategic choices based on inferences in the data and I am looking to improve my skills. I am also excited about the consulting internship that I plan to take later in the year.

Athena Wang, second year accounting student

Athena Wang, second year student, accounting

Athena Wang is a Change of Degree Request (CODA) student who comes to Poole from NC State College of Education. Wang was able to take her first accounting course over the summer and is excited to pursue her new career.

“Poole has so much to offer his students,” Wang said. “When I officially moved to Poole, I felt welcomed by the advisors and the accounting department, even though everything was virtual. Everyone here wants to help you succeed.

Wang is a member of the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA), a student cultural organization that promotes Chinese culture throughout the university as well as in the local community. She also intends to study abroad while at NC State.

Cole Callahan, Master of Management in Marketing Analytics student
Callahan is one of 20 students in the first MMA class at Poole

Cole Callahan, Master of Management, Marketing Analytics

A member of the inaugural MMA class, Cole Callahan discovered Poole College through his colleagues at Webex, North Carolina State graduates who raved about their academic experience. Callahan, originally from Indiana, hopes to deepen his roots in the Triangle through the connections made in the MMA program.

“Big data can transform the world,” Callahan said. “I hope to use the knowledge I absorb to tell better stories with our current data, but also how to structure our data collection in the most useful way.”

Callahan currently works full time at Cisco Webex as a Webex Community and Content Manager who oversees an online community of over 100,000 different users in nearly 200 countries. He graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and marketing.

Mary Elizabeth Pearce, First Year Management
Pearce follows in the footsteps of his brothers who were both students of Poole

Mary Elizabeth Pearce, First Year Management

Mary Elizabeth Pearce comes from a family of Poole College students whose two older brothers are college graduates. Pearce will be a freshman at NC State coming from Sanderson High School in Raleigh, NC.

“I am delighted to meet other people who share the same interests as me and to learn where I fit within NC State and Poole College,” said Pearce.

Pearce is hoping to major in accounting and is looking forward to his Poole classes as well as his aerobics and fitness classes at Carmichael Gym.

Juan Vigoya, Jenkins MAC student
Vigoya joins Poole from Guildford College

Juan Vigoya, Jenkins MAC program

Juan Vigoya was drawn to the top notch faculty, resources, alumni, connections and academic environment offered by the Jenkins MAC program at Poole. He joined NC State after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems from Guilford College.

“After doing some research on Poole College, I realized that NC State would be an amazing option to continue to develop my college career and help propel my professional career,” said Vigoya.

Vigoya will also serve as a graduate teaching assistant and is looking forward to joining Beta Alpha Psi, boxing club, intramural flag football. He hopes to become a tax specialist for an accounting firm after graduation.

Ben Tewey, first year management

Ben Tewey, first year management

Ben Tewey chose Poole College for the opportunity to collaborate with his peers and connect with the vast network of alumni. Tewey enters as a freshman in management with experience of involvement as president of his school’s OneLove Club, where he worked to educate the student body about healthy and unhealthy relationships and serve on the board of directors. administration of the Investment Society.

“I chose Poole because of his strong alumni network, his emphasis on career preparation through internships and co-op programs, and his emphasis on learning by doing.” , Tewey said. “I first heard of Poole after reading Dr. Richard Warr’s article ‘What Drives the S&P 500 Inclusion Effect? An Analytical Survey ”and I immediately knew this was the place for me. “

Tewey is a member of the University Scholars Program and hopes to join Bell Tower Capital Management and the Investors Association as well as participate in a friendly intramural Spikeball competition.

Jenny McClamroch, Jenkins MAC Online student
McClamroch with her husband and three children

Jenny McClamroch, Jenkins MAC online program

Jenny McClamroch enters Jenkins’ Masters of Accounting (MAC) program and returns to work after being a full-time mother to three young children for 10 years. McClamroch was drawn to Poole College for the distance education options available to graduate students, especially those with busy schedules.

McClamroch has already graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and can’t wait to return to class from his home in Fuquay-Varina, NC.


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