Q&A with Ben Katz, CPA, PCS Alumnus/Director of Accounting at Apex Global Solutions

Accounting can provide an opening or advancement point for your career. Being the “language of business”, accounting skills enable one to practice in the field of accounting or use their knowledge to grow in business and other areas of finance. Full story

Can you tell us about your current position? How has the PCS course prepared you for the job market?

After earning a Masters in Accounting in 2009, I spent the early years of my career in the Audit practice of a Big Four accounting firm. Auditing has always interested me because it provides a great perspective for understanding a company’s basic transaction flows. Auditors often gain intimate knowledge of a company’s business processes, internal controls, as well as their financial information. During this time, I was exposed to multiple opportunities for growth, I was regularly promoted and I was able to benefit from the professional and technical learning that I acquired through the PCS course.

Currently, I lead the accounting practice at Apex Global Solutions which provides financial control services for healthcare companies.

In addition to the technical knowledge I acquired at PCS, I received comprehensive training in communication, leadership and teamwork.

Who would you recommend the field of accounting to?

Accounting is a vast field. An accounting degree offers multiple career opportunities – whether in auditing, tax, controller roles, IT, even forensic accounting, to name a few. It also serves as a catalyst for various job opportunities in finance and entrepreneurship.

Accounting can provide an opening or advancement point for your career. Being the “language of business”, accounting skills enable one to practice in the field of accounting or use their knowledge to grow in business and other areas of finance.

What is the advantage of a Master’s degree compared to a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting?

Some companies might offer a progressively higher starting salary to new hires with a master’s degree. Looking back, the biggest difference is in the professional skills, leadership skills, and quality of faculty that the program brings to students. These valuable skills enhance a person’s stature as a professional in the job market. It’s the foundation for building relationships in the workplace and advancing one’s career.

Anecdotally, I’m often asked a similar question – “Do I need to get my CPA license?”

And while there are certain jobs that require a CPA for the role – more importantly, passing the CPA exam is a career milestone and the crowning achievement of one’s education and professional accomplishments. He demonstrates a certain level of pride and discipline in the professional field of an accountant.

How is the current job market?

The job market is incredibly competitive today and offers many opportunities both for those just starting out and for those looking to grow in their careers. The foundation for success is a strong work ethic, superb communication skills, and a desire to succeed.

Preparation, networking, internships, and interview preparation were essential to securing my first job, and these fundamental skills still remain relevant today.

What skills will enable someone to succeed in the accounting profession?

To be a good accountant, one must be able to communicate well with others and to understand and synthesize information. Some areas of the profession require a good aptitude and understanding of numbers, but this is not necessarily required to be an accountant. Finally, to be successful in this field, it is important to focus on staying current with technology trends, constantly learning new skills, and soliciting and internalizing feedback on a regular basis.


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Graduates have been placed in top national companies and as financial controllers and managers in local companies. PCS serves New York and New Jersey, with distance learning options for out-of-town students, in addition to a new Israeli curriculum.

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