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First generation student Rose Savocchi didn’t know what to expect when choosing Wake Forest. She grew up alongside eight siblings and staying close to home was a big factor in her decision.

Accounting is a challenge for many students at Wake Forest, but Savocchi has met this challenge head on.

“For some reason, I found myself really engaged in the classroom and interested in the concepts,” she said. “It quickly became my favorite course because it involved numbers, simple math, organization, and clear paths to the answers. I liked that there was a specific set of rules and steps to follow to get the final answer.

The introduction to accounting taught by Professor Wilkerson was Savocchi’s academic “light bulb” moment. This sparked Savocchi’s interest in the subject and led her to consider a career in accounting.

“I like the idea that the work of accountants is so essential to the stability of the stock market and the economy as a whole,” she said. “It’s our job to make sure that people like you and me can trust companies to publish information. “

Despite the challenge of his accounting course, Savocchi said it was this course and Wilkerson’s teaching that led to his passion for accounting.

“Even though the course was difficult, [Wilkerson] always provided a feeling of calm with his presence. I felt like I clicked on his teaching style. I also had the opportunity to have it again my last year, for ethics, ”said Savocchi.

Not many people can take more than one course with the same teacher, but Savocchi seized the opportunity.

“[Ethics] was extremely different because instead of technical topics we read books, articles and explored moral leaders, ”Savocchi said. “It was cool to see Professor Wilkerson in a different way, because everyone knew him as a tough professor who teaches an extremely difficult accounting course, but in ethics he was much more laid back.”

Savocchi continued, “It was like he was learning from us. He let us lead the class discussions and really wanted to see what our own interpretations of various passages were. He also opened each class by asking someone to share some good news, whether it was something as small as you had a delicious BEC (Bacon, Egguf, and Cheese) for breakfast or as big as you come. to have a puppy.

Wilkerson praised Savocchi and praised his intellectual ability and tenacity.

“I was the instructor for Rose in her very first accounting course (ACC 111) and again, in one of her last courses (ACC 390),” Wilkerson said. “What I learned about Rose in that first class is how intellectually tenacious she is, never settling for just getting the accounting mechanics, but always in a rush for a clear understanding of the conceptual underpinnings,”

He continued, “What I learned about Rose in ACC 390, a discussion-oriented seminar-style course, is that her classroom contributions are always substantial and can always be relied on to move forward. class discussion in positive directions. I have no doubt that Rose will have a successful and fulfilling professional career, and I wish her the best and continued success. “

Savocchi not only had great aspirations during her four years at Wake Forest, but she also hopes for a successful career.

“I am pursuing my MSA at Wake Forest in the fall, and after that I hope to become a CPA and start my career at Ernst & Young in their audit practice, specifically in the capital markets industry.

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