Spotlight on the Poole 2021 promotion: Victoria Gervasi


Victoria Gervasi, Jenkins MAC program

Sometimes when Victoria Gervasi stops to reflect on her educational path to becoming an accountant, it is difficult for her to remember how it all started. There is one thing she does know though, that’s for sure. It is because without the encouragement of her professors and classmates at Poole College of Management, she would not be earning her master’s degree in accounting in May.

“I entered the Jenkins MAC program directly in the fall of 2020, after my internship at EY last summer. My intermediate undergraduate accounting professor, Robin Thomas, was the first person to believe in my future as a public accountant, along with Jennie Dirienzo, ”recalls Gervasi. “They had such an influence pushing me to try another accounting course, then another, and before I knew it I majored in accounting and was applying to the MAC program. I still don’t know how it happened.

Following her graduation this spring, Gervasi will be working on her CPA exams and serving as a graduate assistant for the MAC faculty. To get through these coming months, she will channel the energy of Dirienzo, her mentor.

“I want to be Jennie when I grow up,” jokes Gervasi. “She taught me my first tax course in my first year of undergraduate studies, and that was it. I was addicted and knew tax accounting was what I wanted to do. From there, Jennie became my mentor – even before being my real mentor in the MAC program. “

Dirienzo wrote letters of recommendation to Gervasi, encouraged her to apply to the college’s AIR program, which helped her land a full-time job, and went out of her way to encourage her when life was a struggle. little too heavy.

I admire Jennie so much. I will see her with career issues all the time, but also when I feel the pressure from school and adulthood is getting too much.

“I admire Jennie so much. I’m going to see her with career issues all the time, but also when I feel like the pressure from school and adulthood is getting too much, ”says Gervasi. “She’s amazing at putting me down, helping me get through the demands of this program and making sure I lift my head and start over.”

Reflecting on her time with the Jenkins MAC program, Gervasi credits the program for helping her develop not just as an accountant, but as a person.

“The MAC program taught me that I can’t do 100% everything all the time. I can’t always expect the impossible and I certainly can’t go through life on my own, ”she says. “I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help and fail sometimes, and that work and life will bring you down unless you tackle it with the right attitude and a support system around you. you. It taught me to believe in myself and to be confident that I can do whatever I want. It taught me to be brave! More importantly, it has given me friends who will go through this crazy life with me, who are brave, intelligent and confident, and who also bring out those qualities in me.

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