“Take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to admit you need help”



What did you study?
studied business and accounting in Maynooth and graduated in May 2020. This course has been extremely beneficial as it has given me experience in many areas from marketing to corporate finance and everything else, as well as providing exemptions from my first round of professional accounting exams.

What attracted you to your current role?
I was primarily drawn to PwC for the fantastic support and opportunities they provide to their graduates. I have always been interested in working as an accountant to have the opportunity to work in different industries, PwC seemed the perfect choice thanks to its wide variety of clients, both native and international. There is a fantastic culture within PwC which promotes equality and fairness which makes graduates feel comfortable asking for help and advice. The support for professional exams provided to graduates was incredibly appealing. The lectures, study materials, and ongoing advice and assistance available to graduates are invaluable when it comes to reducing the stress of professional exams. In addition, the training offered to new graduates was extremely attractive. The opportunity to meet and network with other graduates, as well as having enough time to get used to the job that lay ahead was too good to be denied.

What was the hardest thing about transitioning from college?
The biggest challenge has been to adapt to the different jobs and challenges that are presented to me on a daily basis. In college, every day is planned and predictable, while in the workplace, the plan for the day can change instantly. At first I found it intimidating, but with all the support from PwC, you quickly learn to overcome these challenges. These new challenges are fantastic learning opportunities and ensure that two days are not the same and that is what makes it so exciting. I have been fortunate enough to work with a fantastic group of people in the Wexford office. They are always so excited to help answer my constant barrage of questions. While there are still many days when I can be overwhelmed by the work assigned to me, working as part of a fulfilling team is well worth it.

Do you have mentors in your workplace?
PwC has a fantastic matchmaking program for all new graduates. My boyfriend did an amazing job making me feel welcome. The first few weeks can be intimidating for new graduates, but PwC’s matchmaking system does a great job of alleviating these concerns. Small features like weekly catch-up calls, as well as knowing that I could always message her whenever I had a problem or question was great. The buddy system relieved the stress of transitioning to the workplace and created lasting friendships. PwC senior executives are also incredibly friendly and approachable and always have the time to listen and advise on all aspects of the job.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned since joining the workforce?
Realizing that I can ask for help whenever I feel overwhelmed or have questions at work has been incredibly valuable. As a graduate, it can always be intimidating to speak up and ask for help, but everyone in the office goes out of their way to take the time to make sure you are comfortable. With PwC’s huge focus on technology, I also improved my digital skills. The delivery of our work usually involves the use of online applications and these employability skills will come in handy in my future career. PwC’s technology has also enabled us to work successfully remotely throughout the pandemic with collaborative tools allowing us to communicate effectively with each other and with our customers.

How has Covid-19 affected your entry into the world of work?
Obviously, Covid-19 has made it harder for every graduate. PwC made sure that working remotely was as easy as possible, with constant communication we never felt isolated. The social committee in our office did a great job hosting a virtual game night to help new graduates meet everyone. Working on home audits was a steep learning curve, but PwC’s fantastic technology made it smooth, with collaborative video calls becoming the norm. Little things like the daily online tea break turned into a weekly catch-up call for everyone in my group. I have to admit I was pretty terrified of joining the workforce during a pandemic, but I was fortunate enough to work with a group of really fantastic people who made my first year a lot easier than this. what i expected!

Any advice for new graduates?
Take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to admit that you need help. Joining a new workforce can be scary, but it’s important to realize how well-liked you are in the company. No one wants to admit that they find the job difficult, but the wide variety of support at PwC is invaluable. Graduates will gain a world of knowledge and experience from team members who will do everything possible to make your first few months as easy and enjoyable as possible.

– Jenna Clarke Molloy


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