The 9 SAP courses on LinkedIn Learning to follow in 2021


The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best SAP training courses available on LinkedIn Learning that professionals should consider if they are looking to develop their skills.

SR Find 106SAP’s ERP software provides a suite of enterprise resource planning features applicable to businesses in industries such as manufacturing, service, retail, wholesale, and more. In addition to its Business One suite and ERP platform, SAP offers solutions for materials management, material requirements planning (MRP), order point planning (RPP), finance and transportation management for customers. global companies from all sectors.

Given the popularity and flexibility of different SAP platform solutions, our writers have compiled a list highlighting 9 of the best SAP training available on LinkedIn Learning. These courses are aimed at active professionals as well as beginners and cover several modules of the SAP ERP suite and beyond. Click on the GO TO TRAINING link to learn more about each course and to register. The programs are listed in alphabetical order.

The best SAP training courses on LinkedIn Learning

Course title: SAP MM learning (materials management)

OUR OPINION : This mid-level course is taught by an experienced SAP instructor, Justin Valley, and will help you and your team familiarize yourself with the MM features of SAP and use them to track the many aspects of material management.

The description: SAP Material Management (MM) is one of the modules available in the SAP ERP suite and can help companies track their material management efforts from purchase to sale. Instructor Justin Valley helps SAP users familiarize themselves with the platform and gives them a high-level overview of SAP MM functionality. These include integration with other SAP modules, the creation of material master records and the approach to the various inventory management, purchasing and physical inventory processes.


Course title: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Strategies in SAP

OUR OPINION : SAP’s ERP tool includes functionality for Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and this compact course will help you explore the essential tools, strategies, and processes involved in calculating the materials needed to manufacture products.

The description: This course, offered by Michael Management, which offers hands-on simulations and video lessons, will teach SAP users the configuration options and business processes involved in the various Manufactures to Stock (MTS), component level MRP and manufacturing. On-command strategies (MTO). Students who register will also be introduced to hybrid strategies for multipurpose materials and understand how to combine different MRP strategies with business scenarios.


Course title: Basics of Planning in SAP

OUR OPINION : This course uses high-level presentations and demonstrations to introduce you to the various planning features available in SAP software, including logistics planning, material requirements planning, and reorder planning.

The description: The only recommended prerequisite for this course is familiarity with SAP software and an interest in learning more about the planning and logistics functions it offers. The program is also offered under the Michael Management banner. It uses a mix of SAP videos and demos to cover the basics of demand planning, forecasting, supply, demand, and benefits of MRP and RPP strategies.


Course title: SAP ERP: beyond the basics

OUR OPINION : If you are looking for a more in-depth exploration of SAP’s ERP capabilities, this advanced course can help. Students who enroll will learn helpful tips and best practices for automating, defining, delivering, and customizing the SAP ERP platform.

The description: Taught by SAP instructor Justin Valley, this course is intended for SAP ERP users who are familiar with the basic functionality of the solution but want to dig deeper. The approximately 90-minute course provides students with advanced guidance to help SAP customers streamline their processes, take advantage of function keys, use document flow tools, and customize the ERP layout.


Course title: SAP Business One Essential training

OUR OPINION : This entry-level course is taught by author and speaker Steve Lipton and is aimed at those who want to familiarize themselves with the essential modules and features available on the SAP Business One platform.

The description: SAP Business One is an ERP tool designed for small businesses that may not need the broader functionality of SAP ERP. The course will introduce learners to the main banking, sales, purchasing and finance modules of the SAP Business One platform. Other topics covered include the benefits, limitations and customizable modules and reports of the Business One solution.


Course title: SAP Business One: report creation and customization

OUR OPINION : Develop your SAP Business One skills with this course. Also led by Steve Lipton, this training will introduce you to the different reporting and customization tools available on the platform.

The description: This intermediate SAP training will teach learners how to create custom reports with SQL, export them, add Crystal Reports to the Business One solution, modify reports and forms, etc. Other skills students can expect to learn from the course include business intelligence, business reporting, and structured query language (SQL).


Course title: SAP ERP: Essential training

OUR OPINION : Taught by Justin Valley, this 90-minute course covers many essential concepts that SAP users should be familiar with. This is a great starting point for professionals who want to learn the basics of the SAP ERP solution.

The description: In this introductory SAP ERP training, users will learn about critical ERP tools and functions such as transaction data, master data and various SAP modules including SAP Materials Management (MM) and SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) . The instructor will also show students how to navigate the SAP user interface, use the platform’s search tools to search for data, run and export reports, etc.


Course title: SAP Financials Essential Training

OUR OPINION : As the title suggests, this course will introduce you to the essential functions of the financial accounting module within the SAP FI ERP. You will discover the different integrations, data tools and processes offered by FI ERP.

The description: This course will walk students through the litany of features available in the SAP FI ERP, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting submodules, Financial Master Data, companies, reconciliation accounts, transactions, reports, etc. SAP users who take the course can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of the financial tools and techniques available to them.


Course title: Presentation of SAP transport management

OUR OPINION : Learn all about the fundamentals of transportation management with this compact entry-level course. Expect to learn transportation management tips, tricks and best practices through a mix of video lectures and demos of SAP transportation management processes.

The description: This mid-level course is for SAP users who want to familiarize themselves with the platform’s Transportation Management (TM) capabilities. Students will develop a solid foundation of SAP’s TM architecture, learn about usable master data, carrier selection, tendering, tracking and tracing activities, freight order fulfillment, capture orders, freight settlement, analysis, etc. Along with the video lessons, the course also uses demonstrations of MT in NetWeaver Business Client and information on the transport management capabilities of the S / 4HANA system.


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