The new work of Watertown author Paul Montesino is “The Color of Blindness”


Watertown resident Paul Montesino is the author of over 45 publications in Spanish and English, the most recent of which, “The Color of BlindErs,” about a biracial couple of blind high school students who want to attend prom and meet a girl. racist opposition, although they have never seen anyone’s skin color.

A resident of Watertown since 1972, Montesino was born and raised in Cuba. He came to America from Havana in 1962. His career, until 1996, was senior vice president of the United States Trust Company. After his retirement, he became a full-time professor at Bentley University, teaching information systems and accounting and management concepts for 16 years. He also started a new career writing bilingual books and a bilingual column for Rumbo News.

Watertown author Paul Montesino

When not writing, Montesino is an active member of Watertown First Ward. He is also a member of the Watertown Lit Squad Committee and is helping the planning committee for the upcoming Watertown Arts Market on August 22. He is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Montesino raised his son and daughter in Watertown with his wife, Noemi.

Most of his writing is fiction, science fiction and history and on social and economic topics. One of his recent publications chronicles the impact of the Cuban community in exile in Massachusetts during the 1960s.

“I try to make my books a tool for a better person,” Montesino said.

He also said he tries not to violate John Lennon’s saying: “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” His writing is inspired by current events and challenges.

In his spare time, Montesino enjoys cooking.

” I love to cook. I make the best paella on this side of the Canadian border. Lasagna always close. Empanadas and quesadillas are common, ”he said.

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