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Ankit Shyamsukha

Accounting in real terms involves the management of real avenues, transactions and finances. Opting for short-term certified accounting courses provides the skills and knowledge required for a variety of industries and businesses. These courses are also in high demand in an unprecedented time. These courses provide in-depth accounting training, general skills development, job preparation, and hands-on training through industry-based study modules. Students gain a working knowledge of accounting through subjects such as Business Computer Application, Business Accounting, TallyPrime, Business Communication, Direct Taxes, TDS, GST, Advanced Account, additional accounting software package, advanced MS Excel, SAP, banking and auditing, etc. All of these skills contribute to the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to employment in the accounting industry. In the short courses, the emphasis was placed more on practical knowledge than on theoretical knowledge. Students gain knowledge immediately through live training sessions

Here are the different short courses for accounting:

Certified Industrial Accountant Course

One of the most popular courses, CIA has been designed with contributions from several industry experts and with ambitious candidates looking to become successful industrial accountants in mind. During COVID-19, it has been observed that businesses want industry-ready professionals and this course is very suitable for today’s fierce competition as this course turns you into a full professional in a matter of months. . It is one of the most specialized courses in finance and accounting. Today’s corporate world accounts section plays an important role as it is involved in important decisions and strategic planning of the company.

Skills you learn in this course


· Personal skills

· Management of time

Advanced Excel

MS Office

· Accounting software

Course duration: 8 to 18 months

Diploma in Financial Markets

The financial markets offer enormous career prospects. According to reports, the Indian economy is expected to reach $ 5,000 billion in 2025. The Indian financial market is currently dominated by 44 asset management companies (AMCs), 20 million unique investors in the world. domain and 24 life insurance companies. Thus, a diploma and training in Financial Markets will give your career a double boost. The Diploma in Financial Markets opens up opportunities in the area of ​​financial planning and advice, business development, mutual funds, equity derivatives and acquisition.

Skills you will acquire

Trading of shares

· Technical analysis

IPO analysis

Fundamental analysis

· Mutual fund

· Life insurance

Financial planning

· General skills

Course duration: 4-6 months

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Course

If you don’t have a job or are planning to learn more skills, then taking this course is best for you. There is always a vacancy at top notch companies for a certified TPS consultant. In this course, you will learn in detail about state taxes that fall under the GST, such as purchase tax, advertising tax, luxury tax, central sales tax, tax on state added value, entertainment and entertainment tax, lottery tax, grant and head tax. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the latest tax rule that replaced previous indirect taxes such as the service tax, VAT, and excise duties.

Skills you will acquire

Levy and collection of tax

Time and place of supply

· Evaluation

Input tax credit

Payment of tax

· Return

TPS using Tally

Practice on GSTN

Course duration: 7 to 15 days

The author is CEO, founder of ICA Edu Skills & Co, IDCM

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