This professional services major plans to create 10,000 more jobs in India over the next 5 years



New Delhi: Professional services firm PwC has unveiled a new business strategy for India that will see the entity invest Rs 1,600 crore and create more than 10,000 additional jobs over the next five years.

The new investment and expansion of Indian operations are part of PwC’s ‘new equation’, a new approach in how the company sees new opportunities serving clients as they strive to build trust and deliver sustainable business results to their stakeholders.

The new business strategy will see the company create new jobs in digital, cloud, cyber computing, analytics and emerging technologies. As a result, it will increase campus recruitment more than fivefold over the next five years.

HR initiatives will also enable PwC India to strive to achieve a minimum of 40% gender diversity. It will also continue to devote at least 1% of its income to improving the skills of individuals and partners.

In the next wave of growth, PwC will focus on marketing around four platforms: ESG, Transactions, Risk, Regulation and Transformation. It will also focus on existing technological alliances and explore avenues in the areas of emerging technologies.

Part of the planned investment by PwC India will go towards the establishment of a PwC research institute to help clients identify emerging trends in all sectors.

The growth of unicorns in the country has also provided new business opportunities for consulting and accounting firms. As a result, as part of the new business strategy, PwC will put more emphasis on entrepreneurial and private businesses, including unicorns and startups.

“India has strong economic fundamentals, a huge advantage in the form of its demographic dividend and an ecosystem to drive innovation. Our new strategy will enable us and our customers to continue the economic development of the country, exploit the potential of the domestic market and create more opportunities for society as a whole ”, said Sanjeev Krishan, President from PwC in India.



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