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TOWNSHIP OF GOSHEN – Township residents will have a choice of three for two directors during the November 2 ballot.

The ballot includes incumbents John Bricker and Teresa Stratton as well as former director Bob McCracken.

John Bricker

A graduate of West Branch in 1984, Bricker was elected to serve an unexpired term in 2019. He has currently owned / operated J&J Bricker Farms LLC for 40 years. He served in the Damascus Fire Department as a firefighter / paramedic for 31 years, including 17 as a chief until his retirement in 2013.

As a former chief, Bricker said he remains a staunch supporter of the Damascus fire department. He was also elected to the Mahoning County Breeding Committee.

As a longtime township resident with board experience, Bricker said his qualifications include his dedication to the community.

“I am currently serving as the administrator of Goshen County and would like to continue serving the people of this great township. “ he said. “I have lived in the township all my life, with my family, who have been strong supporters of the township. From an early age I was taught the value of helping people, which is part of the reason I joined the Damascus Fire Department. During my tenure as Damascus Fire Chief, I was able to work with many other Mahoning County Fire Departments, and was also a member of the Mahoning County Fire Chiefs Association.

“I know most of the people in the community and their concerns. I have worked hard to keep the lines of communication open between our community members and the township leaders, as I think this is very important for our township to move in the right direction.

During his tenure on the board, Bricker said the township saw a Calla Road chip and sealed it with grant money; purchase of a new dump truck with snow plow for the roads; and install a new gymnasium floor and air purification system in the administration building.

Citing his long-time residence and passion for the township, Bricker said he wants the community to remain what it is.

“I have a strong passion to help this community grow, and remain the community we love,” he said. “I grew up here, I work here and I raised my family there. My children also live and work in this

community, and I want their children to enjoy all that Goshen Township has to offer. My family has a long history with this community and I would love to continue serving as they have.

Bricker and his 32-year-old wife Jackie live on West South Range Road. They have a son, Josh Bricker and his wife Niki, children Weston and Charlee; and her daughter Kristen Sinkovich and her husband John, their children Oakleigh.

Bob mccracken

McCracken served as Township Trustee from 2000 to 2019.

Graduated from West Branch in 1971, he was self-employed as a small business owner from 1979 to 2008 and worked for M&M Dairy Farm from 2010 to 2017. He took several courses at Kent State in conjunction with the government and graduated of the Leadership Academy OTA.

McCracken is currently President of the Goshen / Butler Fund. He has previously been appointed to the Mahoning County Solid Waste Board, Mahoning County Health Board, and the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Board (NOPEC).

As a former director and retired small business owner, McCracken said his qualifications included good relationships with county and state officials and surrounding township officials. He said he was running for a new job because he “can work well with others, maintain good relations with county and state officials, be a full time administrator since retired and grant letters to collect township dollars.”

McCracken said residents should vote for him because he has the “Experience writing grants to save money.” I can save township money on health care. I believe we can collaborate more with the surrounding townships and Mahoning County on equipment sharing etc. I have worked well with other administrators and tax officers. I have also worked well with all the managers and employees. Really support all of our security forces for what they did during the pandemic. “

McCracken lives with his wife Louann on Duck Creek Road.

Teresa stratton

Stratton has been a director for four years, the last two as chairman.

A graduate of West Branch High School, she was an office manager at Stratton Chevrolet for 30 years, with an additional 10 years of parts and service experience. She has a two-year accounting course with R&R, is a notary for the State of Ohio, and has completed Township Trustee courses.

Stratton’s current community activities include sporting events, local tractor pull-ups, community car shows, and scrap and tire collection at the township recycling center.

Citing her experience as a director and manager of employees in the private sector, as well as her continuing education through the Ohio Township Association, Stratton said she was running for re-election. “Because I strongly support our department heads to serve our community with all their potential and confidence, while showing great dedication to our residents. “

As the incumbent, Stratton said she had been a part of “Get road subsidies and have safer community roads; securing contracts with the police district for a safer community; secure dangerous buildings and homes within the community; (and) promote the help of our services to build trust with all of our township residents. “

Noting her dedication to the township, Stratton said residents should vote for her as she is actively involved in township issues.

“I recognize fiscal responsibility and keep an eye on the budget” she said. “I am easily accessible and very easy to see in person or on the phone. I promise to resolve all issues and / or issues in a timely manner.

Stratton has lived with her husband of 39 years, Don L. Stratton Jr., on National Highway 14. They have a son and daughter-in-law, Dirk and Laci Stratton.

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