Walmart Staff Stop One Man’s Gift Card Scam: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter



Receipt of stolen goods: Mayfield Road

Agents responded to Walmart on Aug. 7 regarding a report of a man attempting to commit a prepaid gift card scam at a cash register. Walmart stores in the area had been notified of the man and ordered to watch out for him.

The employee appeared to be involved in the scam, so the man left without making a purchase. But he was taken into custody in the parking lot by the officers who responded.

Inside his vehicle were two Apple watches and a Go Pro camera, all of which were said to have been stolen from Ashtabula Walmart.

The Michigan man, 18, declined to talk about the incident and was arrested on charges of receiving stolen goods. He was also the suspect of Walmart thefts from Madison, Eastlake and Painesville stores.

Disturbance: Mayfield Road

A Speedcycle Express Laundromat employee said on August 5 that a customer threw clothes at him and slammed equipment. The woman left before officers arrived, but staff said she was upset because of company rules. They demanded that she be banned if she returned.

Material damage: SOM Center road

A man said he took his vehicle to the Lang Marathon on August 7 with a flat tire and staff told him the tire was punctured. He requested a report to be handed over to the management of the Coppertree Apartments, where he believed the damage had been sustained.

Disturbance: SOM Center road

A man said on August 9 that his wife was being harassed by two suspects at Aldi’s home. He said they continued to follow her and make sexual innuendos. He said she yelled at them and believed they had left the scene.

An officer remained in the area to ensure the woman got into her car safely.

Flight: Mayfield Road

A Giant Eagle employee reported on August 6 that his schoolbag was stolen while he was working. He said he hid it under trash bags and towels at the entrance to the store.

The boy’s mother, 16, said several fraudulent transactions were made on a credit card that was in the bag, all at shops in town. A pair of headphones was also in the bag.

Upon investigation, the suspect turned out to be a 19-year-old man from Lyndhurst. He then returned the bag and said he would be ready to reimburse the purchases if the victim’s family allowed it.

Fraud: paved road

A 74-year-old woman said on August 7 that she was scammed trying to contact PayPal.

It allowed an unknown person to see, remotely from their phone, what they were doing on their computer. The suspect trained her by sending around $ 3,500 through his bank account to someone he said was a liaison between PayPal and his bank.

The suspect said the transactions were for security purposes. He was told that the money would be back in his account within 12 hours. Her bank then locked her account and contacted her to inform them of the fraud.

Traffic stop: Chelmsford road

A Cleveland man, 35, was charged with tampering during a traffic stop on August 8. He was a passenger in the vehicle but was asked for his identity due to the presence of a THC vape pen in the vehicle.

He was arrested under a warrant out of Cuyahoga County and taken to the county jail.

The woman who drove the car was cited for driving with a suspension.

Flight: SOM Center road

A Cleveland man, 52, was cited to Target on August 10 for attempted theft of a vacuum cleaner and air conditioner. He claimed he tried to return the items, but the cashier told him they weren’t from Target.

Loss prevention said the man attempted the same theft at the Parma store about an hour earlier.

Fraud: pheasant race

A 71-year-old woman said on August 10 that she was scammed after being contacted by someone claiming to be with Apple support and informing them that there was approximately $ 10,000 in fraudulent charges on his account.

About $ 1,180 was missing from his account. She was confused as to how she was scammed as she said she had surgery that day and was taking pain medication.

Mandate served: SOM Center Road

A man from Akron, 52, was recognized at Eastgate Plaza on August 11 by an officer in the area. The known shoplifter had active warrants and was taken to Lyndhurst City Court.

As he was escorted out of the building, he ran into the roadway and lay down. He told the officers to shoot him.

It was then transferred to Willoughby for delivery to Lake County MPs on behalf of that agency.

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