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Response to the racial injustice letter

Regarding a recent letter to the editor on racial injustices.

The injustices described and others are well documented, as well as those imagined. If people could treat others the way they want to be treated, that would solve most of the problems. It is a basic premise of Christianity. The number of people practicing this basic principle seems to be decreasing.

Whites came to America for freedom, for taxes, and to escape religious persecution.

Our Founding Fathers called on the holy name of God in almost everything they did, certainly the most important work. Thomas Jefferson did this in his writings even though he was not particularly religious. Being the brilliant man that he was, he realized that God worked in him and others to create the unique form of government that makes America the best country in the world, a democratic republic. The founding fathers were not in favor of a single democracy, which is a majority of one, that is, a crowd regime.

People also read …

We live in a free country because of their brilliance and because men and women fought and died to preserve that uniqueness and brilliance. As one of my dentist friends said: “Everyone who was born in this country has won the lottery”.

Mistakes have clearly been made and should not be forgotten. Corrections have been and continue to be made. Continually criticizing and condemning the greatest country in the world only keeps the wounds open and does not bring healing.

Problems must be resolved at the individual level. Anyone who thinks government is the answer should visit a Native American reservation. Repent and believe the gospel – Treat others as you would like to be treated.

The GOP and voting rights

“There is no Republican in Congress who supports the right to vote. ZERO.

The sooner we recognize and accept that the Republican Party is the party of voter suppression and electoral subversion, the better our chances of taking the necessary steps to save democracy. “- Marc E. Elias, lawyer and expert in voting rights

I agree with this statement. Republicans said new laws were needed to guard against voter fraud, although they noted that Iowa had no history of election irregularities and that the November election had a record turnout. with no signs of problems in the state.

Voters will be removed from active voters lists if they miss a single general election and do not report a change of address or re-register as a voter.

A set of changes affected the voting process. Examples include reducing the early voting period from 40 days to 29 days and then to 20 days; forbid your friends to return your ballot; and close the polling stations earlier.

Another series of changes affected the conduct of the elections. Examples include giving political parties (not just candidates) the right to challenge election results and restricting county auditors’ local control over elections.

Challenge the results every time you lose, be it an election or one of the sixty court cases the former president continued to lose.

The Republican Party is trying to deprive voters in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc. the right to vote because the Republicans lost.

The party is over the country for them. You cannot say that you are a supporter of democracy, but only when it suits you.

Sign the League of Women Voters of Iowa’s petition to repeal these changes to

To avoid future trouble, encourage American senses Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst to prevent ill-conceived election interference by passing the Freedom to Vote Act.

Morals in the meat industry

There is a current concern in the morality that is applied in the meat industry. It is not a hidden fact that all the animals that we eat were raised with the sole meaning of their life of being eaten. Without thinking about animals, meat makers keep them in tight spaces, poor nutrition, supplements that make them sick, and an overall disgusting life.

Considering this goal, perhaps these industries should enable these animals to have a more dignified life before they end up on our plates.

Of course, finding such a solution will pose some problems. It is going to be more expensive to allow these animals to have the space, time and food to lead a decent life. There is a market for meat, and with modern consumerism there is not much choice but to follow the hustle and bustle of the food market, so how are we going to achieve such a goal?

Perhaps there is more nuance to this. In this nation for example, especially when it comes to food, there is a huge problem that revolves around excess.

It’s no secret that food addiction is a big problem in this country. People get addicted to eating more food than they need, which leads to many health complications down the road (most commonly obesity). In fact, if we want to dig deeper into the statistics on meat in particular, it is recommended that the average person eats around 12 to 18 ounces per week. The average American now eats 4 to 5 ounces a day.

What one tries to make in itself is that sacrificing certain expenses for the quality of life of animals may not be as problematic as it seems, because there is already a large surplus of meat consumed.

Thoughts on climate change ahead of the new year

In keeping with tradition, my spouse and I gave a lot of thought to the past as the New Year approached. Here are our most important considerations:

We humans, along with all the other living organisms with which we share the Earth’s biosphere, are ready for a hellish race to the future. In the way we humans respond collectively and collaboratively to the global COVID pandemic, we have been able to test how well or poorly we can shoulder the far greater demands and sacrifices necessary to mitigate the gradual adverse effects. of climate change. On this test, we are currently failing miserably.

And our failure rating leaves little, if any, hope that we can avoid a radical transformation of our planet into a world inhospitable to human life and hostile to the survival of most other living species.

The main warning from all existing religions to our species is to be responsible and respectful stewards of Mother Earth and one another, always remembering that our life here is a privilege and not a natural right. We are just guests, not owners. Instead, the story of our stay, especially since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the concomitant domination of laissez-faire capitalism as a driving force, has been one of the exploitation of natural resources and human labor. .

We humans have forgotten our place in the natural scheme of things and assumed a role of dominating nature instead of accepting co-equality with all natural things. We have ignored our human interdependence as social beings in favor of the opportunisms of individualism. And, with each new disastrous report from the scientific community on the bewildering changes in the climate, full accountability on our part for our failures becomes increasingly imminent.

It reminds us of the analogy between guests and the stench of fish that has been lying around for three days. Like the rotting fish thrown at scavengers, we humans may well have passed our welcome here on Earth.

Overthrow Roe vs. Wade

Life begins at the moment of conception. No one can deny that once a human being is conceived, he will become the same being as those who debate this issue. What surprises me is that those who favor abortion have gone through a stage of development identical to that of the being they condemn to death. Would these same people agree that a similar choice should have been made regarding their own existence? How many human lives have been lost that could have added to our society in so many ways?

People prefer their own pleasurable pleasure to the attention and sanctity of the life they have created. What happened to taking responsibility for his actions in this country? Is it too much to ask a woman who has conceived to place the child for adoption? Nine months of discomfort is nothing compared to life imprisonment for intentional homicide!

And what about consent to have sex with a man? is that part of the equation too? Or has abortion just become another extension of the women’s liberation movement that started in the late 1960s that coincidentally increased membership on the same date as Roe V. Wade?

Does the child’s father have a say? And what about the Constitution of the United States? Don’t all conceived people in this land deserve life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness? I think abortion is a crime against humanity and should be banned. We must reverse the Roe v. Wade and start to cherish life in this country again. For a country that kills its children cannot be far from self-destruction.

In 1973, a Supreme Court decision {Roe v. Wade} legalized abortion by a 7 to 2 vote. Six of the seven majority judges were Republican candidates.

The only Democrat named, Byron White, voted against Roe v. Wade. At the time, the Republican motto was government is best, governs least.

So Republicans give and Republicans take.

The rich can’t manage their money

It is clear that the members of the 1% class do not know how to act responsibly with their tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual disposable income.

They invest in big companies rather than small companies. They invest in American companies that have moved their activities to China. They charge usurious interest rates on the working poor.

They invest in reality-distorting news media conglomerates and food conglomerates that sell harmful products and services. They are investing in energy companies that are doing little during the climate crisis.

The luxury class invests in industries that are popular with Americans but destructive to democracy, such as professional sports, superficial entertainment, gambling, vaping, social media, and video games.

They don’t invest in public education because they don’t need it. Instead, they use private schools and later pay bribes to get their children into private universities. They resist investing in public health care, social assistance and criminal justice programs because they have their own exclusive world of services to care for them outside of the rest of society.

Rest in peace Desmond Tutu

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was a central figure in the struggle against apartheid and in the struggle to create a new South Africa – and his spiritual leadership and irrepressible good humor will be remembered.

Hallandale Beach, Florida


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